Money-Back Guarantee

Your money is safe with us. If anything goes wrong, you can easily ask for a refund.

Purchasing programming help can be risky, and we completely understand your concerns. So, we offer a money-back guarantee to give you a sense of security. There are several cases in which you can ask for a refund.

  • Cancelation. You will get 100% compensation if you call off your order before we assign you an expert. We can give you a 70% refund if half of the deadline (or less) has passed, a 50% refund if more than half has passed, and 30% if you haven’t downloaded the file after it’s been delivered and the circumstances for cancelation were beyond your control. Also, you can’t cancel an order that has been delivered on time.
  • Lateness. If your programming assignment is delivered after the original deadline, you can request a partial refund. We’ll adjust the price of your order based on the actual delivery time and compensate the difference. If your deadline is longer than 14 days, the refund will comprise 7% of your order price. Finally, you can get 100% compensation if the first version of your assignment is delivered late and is not approved by you. In this case, we will gain the right to publish the file online for commercial purposes.
  • Quality issues. If you’re not fully satisfied with the result, but you still accept it, we can give you a partial refund for your order (up to 40%). However, you will need to provide substantial proof to back up your claim within 14 days. If you’re completely dissatisfied with your order and you haven’t approved it, you can ask for a 100% refund, but again, you’ll have 14 days to prove why it’s justified. Also, keep in mind that by receiving full compensation, you’re giving us the right to publish the file online for commercial purposes.